''A'' Litter Rocky & Kira  (Born: 23.12.2013.)

''B'' LITTER Blacky & Kira

(Born: 05.08.2014.)

''C'' Litter Ceda & Nora (Born: 11.10.2014.)

''D'' Litter Zevs & Nora

(Born: 10.05.2015)

''E'' Litter Paco & Grashka

(Born: 16.11.2015)

''F'' Litter Blacky & Alba

(Born: 19.11.2015)

''G'' Litter Ceda & Nora

(Born: 24.11.2015)

''H'' Litter Paco & Viola

(Born: 29.11.2015)

''I'' Litter Blacky & Laura

(Born: 04.12.2015)

"J" Litter Colt & Biljana

(Born: 26.06.2016.)

"K" Litter Zevs & Nora

(Born: 21.01.2017.)

"L" Litter Laki & Biljana

(Born: 04.02.2017.)

''M'' Litter Blacky & Mica  (Born: 05.06.2017.)

''N'' Litter Paco & Alba  (Born: 08.06.2017.)

''O'' Litter Zile & Grashka  (Born: 11.06.2017.)

''P'' Litter Rocky & Kira  (Born: 12.06.2017.)

''Q'' Litter Roni & Laura  (Born: 20.06.2017.)

''R'' Litter Roni & Prase  (Born: 18.10.2017.)

If you are interest to mate your female with some of our males please contact us:



+381692239894 or vestica_iz_matadora@yahoo.com   Sonja (English contact)


+381641178004 or mtmilica@yahoo.com  Milica  (Russian contact)

Available wolf sable party color Kleinspitz boy almost 11m old, for show&breeding, complete scissor bite (changed teeth), nice coat, nice movements, good pigmentation at all places, testicles in place, no fontanela. 

For more information please contact us vestica_iz_matadora@yahoo.com